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Periodontal TherapyGum disease has been given several terms over the years. The terms trench mouth, gingivitis, and periodontal disease are different names to the same condition at varying levels.

However, we see the treatment of the gums very simply. The verticals space that exists between your teeth and gums is area of most importance. We measure this space constantly assessing the health of your tissue.

The treatment of the gum tissue is determined often by the health in this very space between the teeth and gums. Whether there is bone loss, bleeding gums, or heavy tarter buildup. We are able to help you improve your gum health.

Although many people think keeping you gums clean and healthy is the sole goal of the dentist, this is quite far from the truth. Our goal in treating gum tissue is simple to prevent heart disease and diabetes and well.

It is really quite simple, by treating and keeping the oral cavity healthy we help to aid in the prevention of other systemic health conditions.

So whether you are concerned about bad breathe gum disease or unexplained tooth loss an oral cavity and a gum disease Evaluation is The place to begin your investigation. Call to schedule an appointment today with Dr. Burnett at Los Angeles Dental Arts at 310-670-0379.

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