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VeneersWhen front teeth are chipped stained or in poor position and one wants to improve their appearance  through having a better smile then the fabrication of Veneers is an ideal option.

Veneers are fabricated as a thin wafer of porcelain made to cover the most exterior portion of the visible portion of teeth. Using veneers one can completely change the the shape, shade, and contour of a persons smile. Quite simple fabrication of veneers can add self esteem and confidence to any person.  Veneers done properly will last many years and look great.

Composite veneers are sometimes called dental laminates or dental veneers.  These dental treatments are very thin, custom-made shells that cover the front surfaces of teeth and improve the appearance of teeth.  They adhere to the surface of a tooth in the same way that a false fingernail adheres to and covers the surface of a natural nail.

Composite veneers are designed to enhance the appearance of teeth and can be used to alter the shape, size, length, or color of the natural tooth.

The best choice of veneer for you is something you should discuss with your dentist. Composite veneers are not as stain resistant as porcelain veneers, but they are thinner, so their application requires removal of less of the natural tooth’s surface.

Why are Composite Veneers Used?

Composite veneers can be used to treat teeth that have been discolored by root canal treatment or stained by drugs or excessive fluoride or other reasons.  Worn, chipped, or broken teeth can be treated effectively by composite veneers, as can teeth that are uneven, misaligned, or that have gaps between them.

Composite Veneer Procedure

The first step in getting a composite veneer is to consult with your dentist.  After the initial consultation, your dentist will schedule another appointment during which one or more teeth can receive veneers.  During the first visit, be sure to ask your dentist what questions you may have.  He or she will probably take some x-rays and perhaps make some impressions of your teeth using a special putty compound.

In order to prepare the tooth for a veneer, your dentist will remove a small amount of the surface of the tooth (during which time you may be under a local anesthetic).  After that, impressions of the tooth will be taken and sent to a dental lab where the veneer will be made.  You may receive a temporary veneer for use during the 1 to 2 weeks it takes for the lab to construct and return your veneer to the dentist.

Once the composite veneer has been completed, you will visit the dentist again so it can be bonded to your tooth.  Before the veneer is bonded, your dentist will check its fit and trim it if needed.  The color of the veneer can be adjusted depending on the shade of cement used.  The tooth to which the veneer is to be bonded is cleaned and etched in order to create a rough surface to create a stronger bond.  The bonding material is applied, the veneer placed on the tooth, and a light beam is used to cure and harden the bonding material.  Your dentist will then make necessary adjustments and remove excess bonding material and adjust the veneer so that your bite is correct.

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