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Dental Bonding


Dental bonding is a treatment that is used to repair decayed, cracked, or chipped teeth, to improve the look of discolored teeth, to protect exposed roots, to close spaces between teeth, and as an alternative to amalgam fillings.  The procedure is superior, cosmetically, to traditional amalgam fillings, and it can be used to close gaps between teeth, to change the shape of teeth, and to make teeth appear longer. Generally speaking, dental bonding is the least expensive cosmetic dentistry procedure.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

Very little advance preparation is necessary for the bonding process.  Unless the dentist is bonding a decayed tooth from which decay must be removed, anesthesia is usually not necessary.  First, the dentist will select a shade of composite resin that most closely matches the natural tooth.  Next, the tooth surface is roughened (to ensure adhesion) and a conditioning liquid applied to its surface.  The resin is applied, molded, and smoothed to fit the needed shape, and then an ultraviolet light is used to harden the resin compound.  Once the bonding material has hardened, the dentist will trim and shape it and, if necessary, adjust it to fit the patient’s bite.  The bonded surface is polished, and the whole process takes about a half an hour to an hour to complete.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is easier to perform and less expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures like crowns and veneers that require customized manufacture in a laboratory and multiple office visits.  Dental bonding can usually be done in one dentist office visit, and during bonding less of the natural tooth enamel is removed than is the case with other cosmetic procedures.  Unless the bonding is done to repair a cavity, anesthesia is usually not required.

Disadvantages of Dental Bonding

The material used in dental bonding procedures does not resist stains as well as the material used in crowns, nor does it last as long as crowns, fillings, or veneers.  Because bonding materials can chip and then break off of the tooth, dental bonding is usually reserved for teeth that do not sustain a lot of bite pressure (such as front teeth).

Special Care for Bonded Teeth

Good daily oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups are all the special care bonded teeth need.  However, it is best to avoid chewing on pens, ice, or other hard food objects if you have bonded teeth.  If a bonded tooth feels rough or if your bite seems awkward, then consult your dentist.

The materials used in dental bonding generally last 3 to 10 years before a touch-up or replacement is necessary.  Dental insurance plans may cover part or all of the cost of a dental bonding procedure.

Your team at Los Angeles Dental Arts can help with any questions you may have about bonding.

Single Tooth Implants

If you’re missing a tooth and want the very best dentistry has to offer, you could be the perfect candidate for single-tooth implants. Single-tooth implants act as tooth roots for replacement teeth. They are securely anchored into the jaw and topped with a dental crown for the very best in look, feel and function. Single-tooth implants offer several advantages over other tooth replacement options, such as dental bridges and partial dentures. Surrounding teeth and the jawbone are better preserved. Single-tooth implants are also easier to clean. And they can also outlast bridges and dentures by about 10 years!

Cosmetic Dental Implants

It’s almost impossible to feel confident when you smile if you’re missing teeth. Cosmetic dental implants can change that. With cosmetic dental implants, you get the best in function and aesthetics. Cosmetic dental implants are securely anchored in the jaw bone for maximum comfort and durability. The replacement tooth, or dental crown, is made of tooth-colored porcelain so that your cosmetic dental implants look, feel and function just like your real teeth!

Smile Makeover

Tired of masking your smile because you don’t like the way your teeth look? A smile makeover can be a big boost to your confidence and self-esteem. With a total smile makeover, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, gapped teeth, crooked teeth, stained teeth and gapped teeth can be completely transformed into the smile of your dreams. This is done through a combination of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, including white fillings, cosmetic dental bonding, porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental crowns, dental braces, dental bridges and dental implants.

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