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What is Biomimetic dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry is a technique that dentists use that differs from traditional dentistry because it treats fractured, decayed, or weak teeth in a way that seals them and keeps them strong and protected against bacterial infection.  This method of sealing against infection can eliminate the need for many of the procedures used in traditional dentistry and helps to prevent future invasive procedures.

Biomimetic dentistry studies the function and design of the patient’s natural teeth and incorporates that function and design into the treatment of their problems. In short, biomimetics imitate life, so the basis for fixing the patient’s dental problems lies in the natural teeth themselves.

The main focus on biomimetic dentistry is the prevention of bacterial invasion.  Traditional techniques such as crowns can cause ultimate cracking of teeth which allows teeth to decay from the inside.  The more durable techniques of biomimetic dentistry involve using onlays that work in conjunction with existing teeth and make teeth stronger and less prone to decay.

The use of biomimetic dentistry can eliminate 60 to 90 percent of the crowns and root canals that are used in traditional dentistry.

Researchers in Sweden, The Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, the US, and other countries developed the principles of biomimetic dentistry.  Researchers and practitioners of biomimetic dentistry have worked to promote advanced techniques and have refined them and helped practitioners to incorporate them into practice.

How is Biomimetic Dentistry Different?

Biomimetic dentistry focuses on the long-term dental health of the patient.  Biometic dentistry also focuses on reconstructing teeth to as close to their natural form and function as possible, and this approach of sealing and protecting decayed, weak, or fractured teeth against future damage allows for the possibility of restored teeth lasting significantly longer than they would have if treated with traditional dentistry methods.

Biomimetic dentistry strives to be minimally invasive and to utilize techniques that result in the least reduction of natural teeth possible.  Rather than taking the “drill and fill” approach of traditional dentistry, the materials and techniques used in biomimetic dentistry are designed to retain as much of the natural tooth as possible and to reduce the use of amalgam fillings, caps, and crowns.

Biomimetic dentistry allows for optimization of restorative techniques so that layers of teeth are rebuilt.  Because a major principle of biomimetic dentistry is conservation, dentists who practice this technique make every effort to retain as much of the patient’s healthy teeth as possible.  This is in contrast to the traditional method of simply drilling out decay and filling in holes.

Biomimetic restorations last longer than traditional fillings, but this method of dentistry is not used on a widespread basis.

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