Oral and Throat Cancer Screening

Published on October 6, 2017
Throat Cancer

Cancer is a word that holds a lot of power. These days men and women have come to understand the need to be pro-active when it comes to screening for cancer in the body, and the mouth and throat are

Oral Cancer Screening Los Angeles

Published on September 24, 2017
Oral Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening can be life-saving. We know that “cancer” is a scary word, and we are always hearing news reports of foods to avoid, food to eat, and other various lifestyle tricks we should incorporate to stay healthy. Sometimes, however,

Dental Crowns Los Angeles

Published on September 7, 2017
Dental Crowns

People who have a tooth that is damaged or destroyed often feel self-conscious and feel they have to hide their smile. When the damage is to the extent that that the tooth structure is too destroyed to hold a restoration,

Dental Onlays Los Angeles

Published on August 26, 2017
Dental Onlays

Dental Onlays can be used to help patients when a tooth has 3 or more surfaces that were damaged by decay or trauma and one of the cusp tips need repair. The primary goal for creating the Onlay is to restore the

Teeth Whitening Los Angeles

Published on August 11, 2017
Teeth Whitening

Today there are a number of teeth whitening products available over the counter at your local drugstore. Many of these products work great, but their reach is limited. In-office dental teeth whitening is the fastest and safest form of teeth

Dental Onlays Los Angeles

Published on July 31, 2017
Dental Onlays

Dental Onlays are used when a tooth has several (3 or more) areas that have been damaged on the surface by decay or trauma. The onlay is layered on top of tooth to restore the tooth surface and structure. The Dental

Biomimetic Dentistry Los Angeles

Published on June 29, 2017
Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry is a unique dental technique that treats fractured, decayed, or weak teeth in a way that seals them to keep them protected against bacterial infection.The sealing of broken or decayed teeth can eliminate the need for future, more invasive

Same Day Dentistry Los Angeles

Published on June 16, 2017
Same Day Dentistry

Same Day Dentistry for dental crowns and bridges can make a huge difference in short amount of time in someones life. Dental crowns voter the entire tooth structure to create a new, more vibrant surface. Crowns absorb pressure from the stress

Sleep Apnea Treatment Los Angeles

Published on June 4, 2017
Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Treatment has helped many people improve their quality of life. If you are constantly tired, drift off during conversation, struggle to stay awake, and remain focused, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. When you aren’t getting proper

Sleep Apnea – Sleep Disorders Los Angeles

Published on February 24, 2016
Sleep Apnea Los Angeles

Sleep apnea comes with a host of symptoms. Many people with this condition are irritable, unfocused, tired, and without energy. This condition can also make general anesthesia and various medications riskier. In the mornings, people with sleep apnea often experience

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